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We are a Kenyan company registered in 2012 and operating from Nairobi.

Our Vision

We expect our region to evolve into a fair, knowledge driven society enabled by our mobile, mapping and monitoring tools

Our Mission

We are on a mission to create opportunities for knowledge and technology to make our clients more productive.

Our Core Values

  • Knowledge: We believe that knowledge is the most straightforward resource that we can harness to solve our problems.
  • Innovation: We like problems. We enjoy finding solutions to them. We are not embarrassed or discouraged if at first the market already has better solutions than we can bring because we are confident that when we work long enough at a meaningful solution, we will end up with a world class solution
  • Servants: We are not captains. We serve. We are here for the benefit of others.
  • Sustainability: We seek solutions that provide acceptable redress to social, economic and environmental concerns