Our Experience in the Nairobi Innovation Week

Over the last few weeks, our team participated in the Nairobi Innovation Week 2017. This years theme was “innovating to solve Pressing local and global challenges”. The Nairobi Innovation Week activities were organized by Strathmore University, iBiz Africa, University of Nairobi, Demo Africa, Metta UNICEF and the State Department for Enterprise Development.

We were privileged to interact with over 26 other entrepreneurs and are delighted by the depth of innovation in our society.

The event culminated in a pitch session at the University of Nairobi. It was nice to see how far UoN has come since our years back there


We were really impressed by the clean cooking solution by International Research and Development, two waste to energy solutions and by Miyonga, a company that turns food into powder. We were pitching Alama, our integrated mapping solution – and the entire experience was very good for helping us think through our product.

The UNICEF Ventures team from New York were in attendance – they expressed a desire to invest in opensource ventures during the soon to come funding round. We are working hard on a product launch in the next few weeks.

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